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At Simply Living Farm, we provide information and goods for a simpler, more sustainable life. Living simply, though, is not always easy.

Welcome to Simply Living Farm. Our quest is to provide you with the information and goods for a simpler, more sustainable life. We do this on this website, in our store in downtown Leavenworth, Washington, on our Facebook page, at events we host, and through our ongoing series of free Simply Living Workshops.
We believe that there is much to learn  from our ancestors and our neighbors. Isn’t there an easier way to pit cherries? How can I grow a salad if I live in an apartment? Is there a more environmental alternative to disposable cans of shaving cream? Or bottled water? These are but a few of the thousands of questions that we address through unusual and innovative products as well as through the dialog we encourage on our Front Porch.
We believe fervently that a life lived more simply is a less stressful, more rewarding, and more sustainable life. We strive to do this ourselves and are dedicated to helping you do the same!
Follow the road signs above, or click on a part of the painting above, to tour through Simply Living Farm and see what we have to offer. Want to learn more? Follow the link to the right for our philosophies and history. Click here to subscribe to our free email newsletter.

Featured Products: Food Fermentation Supplies

Huge numbers of people refamiliarizing themselves of the numerous benefits of the home fermentation of foods, including saurkraut, kimchi, chutney and more. At Simply Living Farm, we have some new products that make this age-old technology easy and fun. Click here to see what we have to offer.

Attend our Free, In-Store Workshops

Leading a simpler, more sustainable life can mean learning new life-skills. Our free workshops are intended to provide a wide range of information on relevant skills. The workshops are informal and often hands-on. Taught by the Simply Living Farm staff as well as our customers. See our current schedule by clicking here.