At Simply Living Farm, we provide information and goods for a simpler, more sustainable life. Living simply, though, is not always easy.

Welcome to Simply Living Farm. Our quest is to provide you with the information and goods for a simpler, more sustainable life. We do this on this website, in our store in Leavenworth, Washington, on our Facebook page, at events we host, and through our ongoing series of free Simply Living Workshops.
We believe that there is much to learn  from our ancestors and our neighbors. Isn’t there an easier way to pit cherries? How can I grow a salad if I live in an apartment? Is there a more environmental alternative to disposable cans of shaving cream? Or bottled water? These are but a few of the thousands of questions that we address through unusual and innovative products as well as through the dialog we encourage on our Front Porch.
We believe fervently that a life lived more simply is a less stressful, more rewarding, and more sustainable life. We strive to do this ourselves and are dedicated to helping you do the same!
Follow the road signs above, or click on a part of the painting above, to tour through Simply Living Farm and see what we have to offer. Want to learn more? Follow the link to the right for our philosophies and history. Click here to subscribe to our free email newsletter.

final logo-012016 Sustainabe Living & Farming Tour Dates Announced

September 10 – 11 are the dates of this year’s Leavenworth Sustainable Living & Farming Tour, and it will be bigger, more varied, and better than ever.

This third annual event brings those interested in a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle in contact with those that are already doing so. The Tour spans the greater Leavenworth area and includes destinaations like a straw bale house, a residential solar electric system, backyard chickens, organic farms and gardens, dairy goats and more. There will be numerous workshops to learn about building healthy soils, beekeeping, and fermenting foods. MarketPlace will be a street-fair-like opportunity to shop from local vendors and craftspeople and for sustainability-related goods and services.

Tickets are available here

The Leavenworth Sustainable Living & Farming Tour is hosted by Simply Living Farm in partnership with Wenatchee River Institute and is sponsored by Wenatchee World newspaper.
For more information, click here.
Big News: Simply Living Farm has Moved…. But Not Far

We are excited to announce that the Simply Living Farm store has moved, but only two miles to the east. We are in the east wing of the famed Prey’s Fruit Barn, one mile east of downtown Leavenworth on Highway 2.
The new location has so much to offer; we are sure you will love it. There is lots of on-site parking, a classic farm-themed feel, and we share the building with Prey’s Fruit Barn and Leavenworth Quilt Company. We’ll have more room for our popular workshops, room for outdoor displays, even an outdoor picnic area.
Our new address is 11007 Highway 2. Leavenworth, WA 98826. Our email, web address, and phone number remain the same.

Featured Products:

H2Oasis Gravity-powered Ceramic MicroFilter. Available only from Simply Living Farm, these filters give you peace of mind as well as great drinking water. Made of stainless steel and locally made filter elements, the H2Oasis is great for well-owners, people wanting to rid their water of chlorine, those wanting to prepare for disasters, or all of the above. Click here for more details.

Featured Products: Food Fermentation Supplies

Huge numbers of people refamiliarizing themselves of the numerous benefits of the home fermentation of foods, including saurkraut, kimchi, chutney and more. At Simply Living Farm, we have some new products that make this age-old technology easy and fun. Click here to see what we have to offer.

Attend our Free, In-Store Workshops

Leading a simpler, more sustainable life can mean learning new life-skills. Our free workshops are intended to provide a wide range of information on relevant skills. The workshops are informal and often hands-on. Taught by the Simply Living Farm staff as well as our customers. See our current schedule by clicking here.

Start making your plans now to attend the
2016 Sustainable Living and Farming Tour

Check out our latest column in the
Wenatchee World Newspaper

The 2016 Sustainable Living & Farming Tour is bigger and better than ever! Click here for more information and to buy tickets.

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