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Simply Living Farm’s H2Oasis™ Ceramic Microfilter Gravity Water Filter
Cool Weather Organic Veggie Seeds
Simply Living Farm’s H2Oasis™ Ceramic Microfilter Gravity Water Filter
For a limited time only, 10% H2Oasis Water Filters
Simply Living Farm’s  H2Oasis™ Ceramic Microfilter is the highest quality ceramic microfilter available. Here are some of the reasons why: 
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Both effective and cost-effective! H2Oasis filter elements treat your water in two stages for improved effectiveness. The ceramic first stage blockss contaminants on the outer surface, mechanically removing pathogens like e-coli, bacteria and protozoa. The second later is made of activated carbon to remove those nasty chemicals likechlorine.
Powered by Gravity. Gravity is a very reliable power source. As one of our customers put it, if we don’t have gravity, we don’t need water. But many filtering systems rely on either electricity or the water pressure that comes out of your tap. Not the H2Oasis. It only needs gravity.
Stainless Steel Construction. Stainless is a very safe material and we use it in both the upper and lower reservoirs as well as the pour spout. On top of that, each of the reservoirs is made of one piece of stainless steel, meaning there are no seams to leak.
Easy to clean. Generally, it takes about overnight for the water to flow from the upper “untreated” reservoir to the lower “treated” reservoir. When it starts to take longer, it is easy to refresh the filters simply by lightly abraiding the filter element’s surface with a scrub pad (provided). And you can do this many, many times before the element needs to be replaced.
Filter Elements made in Seattle. High quality manufacturing, locally made, and at a reasonable price.
Only at Simply Living Farm. We are proud of this filter and are pleased to make it available to you. We stand ready to answer your questions or to take your order. Just email us at, or call us a 509 888-6668.
H2Oasis 1.7 Gallon Ceramic MicrofilterSimply Living Farm's H2Oasis™ Ceramic Microfilter Gravity Water Filter including 1 filter element: &169.95
H2Oasis 2.7 Gallon Ceramic Microfilter including 2 filter element: &229.95
H2Oasis Ceramic Microfilter replacement element: $34.95
Organic Cool/Cold Weather Vegetable Seeds
Just what you need during our cool fall and winter months. Quick to mature. Only $1.99 per packet.
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